A non-profit organization, with 501c3 status was founded by Dr. Bernard Kimble and First Lady, Dr. Pheobe Kimble in July of 2007. Through this organization, we host and sponsor quarterly Empowerment Luncheons that are uplifting and spirit-filled where women from all around are invited to attend. There’s also our annual leadership conference that’s held at the Shreveport Convention Center and benefit concert held the day before the conference at Mt. Olive, and here, is where we invite “special guests” to attend in prayer that something they hear or see will help them in life. Just to name some of our missions; Back to school give-away’s, provide bus tokens for job interviews, Health Fairs,  help provide toiletries and other necessities for women fighting in military war zones and to the homeless. These are but a few of the wonderful things done by WOV.

General Information:

As Women of Vision we make or declaration to the world that Christ lives and because He lives in us, we can rise to a higher level of excellence in leadership. We hereto, now and forever declare with boldness and conviction that no matter what may come against us, we affirm, “Yet, Still I Rise” as an individual, as a woman of God, as Women of Vision.

Our Mission:

An interdenominational ministry of godly women, whose purpose is to raise the status of all women to a higher level of spiritual and personal excellence.




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